Six Smart Ways We Meet the Needs of Print Resellers

Print resellers offer a unique industry service, bidding and managing the most complex printing projects. Brokered print jobs are often a series of distinct tasks that fit together in a jigsaw puzzle of scheduling, skills-matching, leading edge equipment, reliable relationships and impeccable reputation.

When print brokers are choosing vendors for their clients, they are looking for accurate estimating and bulletproof project management. There is just no room for error in this kind of elaborate work –each printer a broker contracts with must be completely reliable, delivering cost-effective, quality work every single time.

These six components are critical to success:

  • Speed. We printers need to do our job twice as fast. Estimating, production — proofing, printing, binding — and invoicing need to stay on schedule and ahead of the client’s needs.
  • Competitive pricing. Resellers need to make healthy margins for the service they are providing, and partners in printing are key to that success.
  • Impeccable reputation and integrity. The bottom line is that ethical printers don’t steal their customer’s customers.
  • Expertise with the reseller market. The printer must have the ability to brand proofs and packaging appropriately to create a seamless process for the end-client.
  • Transparency about capabilities. A valuable printer-vendor is clear about crucial capabilities like run length and available presses, which vary widely from shop to shop.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction. If the customer is not happy with the product, resellers should never find themselves stuck in a hard spot between the client and the printer. We say, “Make it right — no matter what.”

Independent print consultants return again and again to Consolidated Press for all these reasons and more! We offer value pricing because of our streamlined manufacturing process, low overhead and in-house capabilities which include perfect binding. And we don’t rest until we have exceeded the expectations of our valued reseller partners, whether we are creating enhanced covers with specialty coatings, discount mailing, classic sheetfed printing, high-value variable data printing, or executing a project from beginning to end. We bring speed and focus to every job, providing a seamless value-add to any project you need started, enhanced or finished.

As you know, the pieces don’t just fall into place. At Consolidated Press, we plan projects with purpose.

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