We Call Ourselves the Printer’s Printer

At Consolidated Press, we call ourselves the printer’s printer. We know the business better than anyone and when a fellow printer or brokerage needs the speed, flexibility and high value of a powerhouse press, we can jump in at a moment’s notice. But our excellent reputation is based on what happens after we jump in.

Print resellers depend on the printers they choose to be accurate, efficient and organized. Process is the number 1 concern, and that means flawless mobilization. Every piece of every job has to flow uninterrupted through the supply chain, enabling each project to be completed on time and within budget.

When a consultant or another print shop is integrating printer partners for a crucial client project, five elements are the key to a champion outcome.

  • An experienced team. Print consultants need expert press people they can walk the walk and talk the talk with. Our estimators and project managers have a wealth of experience and can efficiently  integrate various presses, binding machinery and finishings to hit stakeholder targets.
  • Precise estimating. We harness the power of print with no surprises. Our team looks at each project comprehensively, from choosing materials to scheduling, printing and mailing. We offer value and speed for every job, and that means setting accurate expectations from the get-go.
  • Ironclad project mobilization. When a project comes through our door, it has our full attention until we hand it over to a satisfied client. We offer a streamlined manufacturing process, relying on our vast in-house capabilities, including multiple and varied  presses, in-house perfect binding, variable printing, and cost effective mailing and shipping. We don’t consider a project done until you do.
  • Efficiency. Because brokered jobs can be so complex, resellers need printer partners to be lean and agile, reducing waste and saving time. With our web, sheetfed and digital presses, your project will always be on the most efficient equipment for the job. We can quickly change course and bring in partners of our own when needed.
  • Collaborative spirit. Print brokers need seamless client-facing integration, from branded proofs to custom packing for final destination. A vital printer partner knows when to step out of the spotlight. We may be the job’s engine, but we don’t need to be the star of the show.

We proudly print for printers, and they rely on Consolidated Press to jump in when they need a partner who can offer accurate estimating, airtight project management, leading to a professional product their clients are proud of, too.

As you know, the pieces don’t just fall into place. At Consolidated Press, we plan projects with purpose.

Call or click today to start our valuable partnership in printing.